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The Chainsaw pole saw & gas pole saw

Chainsaw Pole saw is a chain with special cutting tools on junctions. They provide material cutting. Gyration is provided with the help of an electric engine. Chainsaw pole saw can be electrical and Gas Pole Saw.

Electrical chainsaw pole saw is rarely an instrument that has a concrete date of birth. It was founded in Germany in 1925 in “Stihl.” It provides them till nowadays. Electrical chainsaw pole unites the properties of electric instruments, and traditional chainsaw pole saw. From the first one it takes ecology and clearance, from the second it inherited possibility of fast and easy wood cutting.

There are two types of chainsaw pole saw: professional and domestic chainsaw pole saw. Difference between them is not very big. The main difference between these two kinds is in length of uninterrupted work and longevity of the device. Comparing the other parameters we can conclude that they are almost the same. Price can be for 2 times higher. Besides that, chainsaw pole saw might be of two types: one-handle and two-handle chainsaw pole saw.

Electric chainsaw pole saw has one specific peculiarity. When the tension in the electric mains lowers, the load on engine becomes higher. In case if the engine doesn’t have thermal protection, it might burn out. To lengthen the life duration of your chainsaw pole saw specialists offer not to push to the instrument during the cutting process.

The choice of chainsaw pole saw should be careful and attentive. You should pay attention to the powerfulness of engine, the presence of thermal protection, the system of chain’s tension, chain, the system of activation, stop-system, smearing and all the rest parameters. Waste your time on it, and you will enjoy work with your chainsaw pole saw.


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Gas Pole Saw

Imagine the situation when you need to prune trees, but you don’t want to stand on a tall ladder with a chainsaw. The best way out in such situation is a Pole saw, especially Gas Pole Saw. You can also take a regular hand saw, but in this case, you will probably have to use ladder too. Gas pole saw helps to avoid the problem of caring for trees.

Such garden tool comes in cordless, electric and gas models. With Electric Pole Saw you need to have long enough cord to reach the necessary area. Another problem is that you can accidentally cut the cord. A cordless pole saw needs a charged battery to operate effectively. That’s why gas pole saw is the best option.

With a gas, pole saw you could have a reach of about 12 feet. It may weigh a bit more because of the gas tank, but it is not a big problem.

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You can find these saws in home improvement stores, garden stores or order an item online.

The most interesting offers are:

  • Pro 25cc 8″ – has an operating height of 12 feet.
  • Echo PPT-265 – five-year warranty.
  • Husqvarna 326P4x model – easy start lightweight E-TECH II engine and automatic oiler.

There is a great variety of gas pole saw items. We recommend visiting a dealer who can show you, different models. In this case, you can feel the weight in your hand and check all the features. If you are informed, you will be able to choose the right gas pole saw.

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